Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can the Webmaster of this site provide more information than is already presented (on this site)?
    No. No, because I don't have enough time to answer all of the requests that I get. I hope you understand.
  2. What is my Crosley radio worth?
    Value is relative to many factors, including condition, whether or not the radio plays, where you are selling it, whether or not you are willing to ship it, and many others. There are several ways you can find the value of your Crosley yourself.

    One way is to purchase a price guide, such as "Collector's Guide to Antique Radios, Fifth Edition." There are other guides as well, but be aware that all of them are "opinions," and as such are not completely accurate. After getting the price guide estimate, answer the following questions to determine if your Crosley is worth more or less:

    1. Is the finish of the radio cabinet original, or has it been refinished? A cabinet with an original finish is worth more, even if the finish is not perfect. Destroy the patina and other characteristics that give it character, and you destroy value. Some touching up is acceptable, but do as little as possible. Painted radio cabinets with an occasional nick or scratch are expected.

    2. Are all parts of the cabinet complete? If parts of the cabinet trim are missing or if they are damaged, the set is worth less. If the cabinet originally contained a back, it should be present and in good condition. Are all original labels present and in good condition?

    3. Are the knobs original and in good condition? Knobs are very important. A knowledgeable collector will spot wrong or damaged knobs instantly.

    4. Is the chassis rust free and completely original? If the chassis is rust covered, it is worth less. If it has been visibly modified, it is worth less. Soldering new capacitors under the chassis where they can not be seen does not affect the value, although disguising new capacitors to resemble original capacitors, even under the chassis, is more desirable. Many collectors scoop out the old capacitors, and place new capacitors inside to maintain the appearance of even the underside of the chassis.

    5. Is the speaker original and in good condition? Is the cone original and in good condition? If the cone has been replaced, has care been taken to maintain the original appearance? Is the speaker frame rusty? Are any labels that originally came on the speaker frame present?

    6. Does the radio play well across the entire dial? Playing means more than hummmmmm. It means that stations can be tuned in clearly across at least most of the dial, and preferably across the entire dial. If the radio is a multi band radio, do all bands play equally well?

    Start with the price guide estimate. If all of the answers to the above questions are positive, then your Crosley might be worth more than the estimated value. Negative answers indicate that the value might well be less.

    A second way to determine value is to attend an antique radio swap meet or two.

    A third way would be to visit the Antique Radio Classified web site and request a complimentary copy of their publication; when it arrives, you will have hundreds of "For Sale" ads to browse through, and most of them list prices.

    Radios sold in the northeast and on the west coast generally sell for more.

    Radios sold on line generally sell for more, especially if several people get into a bidding war. The disadvantage here is that you will have to be prepared to pack and ship the set.
  3. How do I start the restoration of my Crosley radio?
    If you have no experience, put the radio up for a while, and find the nearest antique radio collectors club. A list of clubs is posted on the Antique Radio Classified web site.

    If there is no club near to you, find an experienced technician that can fix it for you.

    If you are bound and determined to fix it yourself, even though you have no experience, purchase a repair guide, and take your time.
  4. What is the best way to get original Crosley parts, such as knobs, a chassis or speaker, etc. from another collector?
    The only way is to have something that the collector wants, and to offer to trade. Seasoned collectors, such as myself, will not sell parts. You can understand most collectors' refusing to sell original parts when you consider the time, effort and expense it takes to find them; and the low prices that most people want to pay.
  5. Where can I purchase reproduction grill cloth or NOS parts?
    Antique Electronic Supply is a great place to begin. There are also many other sources. Check the "Just Links" section of this site; for even more links, visit the Antique Radio Classified site.

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