Identify Your Crosley Radio
1945 - 1956 Crosley Radio Data    (337kB)

This data was taken directly from Crosley service supplements. "Bulletin" denotes the Crosley service bulletin number. "Date" is the date that the bulletin was issued, not the year of the radio.

1950s Crosley Radio Names and Data

Model numbers, colors, and names for 1950 - 1956 Crosley radios, courtesy of Greg Tierney.

For questions on 50s Crosleys, contact Greg Tierney at:
"Determine Model Year"

An explanation of the Crosley radio model number system used from 1945 to 1956.

1921 - 1945 Radio Names and Data

Year, chassis model numbers, sales model (trade) names and cabinet styles for 1921 - 1945 Crosley radios, courtesy of Jim Watson.

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