The Crosley Boys... 54 & 58
This article is from the third quarter 2002 issue of Dail News published by Rock-Sea Enterprises

The "New Buddy" model 54 and the "Buddy Boy" model 58 are almost identical twins.. except for the cabinets, speakers and dial scales. The unique cabinet designs are highly sought by collectors, but these radios can offer a real challenge for restorers. Thanks to Barry Dagestino, some of the hard to find parts are now available.


When it comes to the dial scales, there are two types. We believe that all of the model 54's were built without dial lamps. The model 58 has been found with and without dial lamps. This distinction is important when choosing a dial scale.


Left: The drum dial used in radios without a dial lamp.

Right: The dial is mounted on tabs extending from a disk for radios with a dial lamp.


The models without a dial lamp have a solid drum around which a gloss finish, amber colored heavy paper dial scale was glued. This scale has a small tab just below the "0", which fits into a slot in the drum for proper scale alignment. The radios with a dial lamp have a plastic scale mounted to tabs extending out from a disk. Both radios had a rubber or bakelite knurled thumbwheel attached to the drum or disk. Few radios exist with the original thumbwheel in place.

Left & center: For radios without a dial lamp, a paper scale with a tab fits into a slot in the drum. Right: The drum or disk from either radio can be mounted in three different positions. Only one position offers correct positioning of the scale.

         "Buddy Boy" model 58, 1931                "New Buddy" model 54, 1930"

Over the past few years, we have made a dial scale for the model 58 and added the tab for the 54. A number of customers have indicated that the tab was in the wrong place. We've been told that the tab belongs at the end, or in the center, but we never had the opportunity to inspect original dial scales from both radios until just recently. The confusion over where the tab goes is quite understandable, since the hub can be mounted in three different positions.

For both radios, the drum is mounted to a hub on the tuning condenser shaft with three bolts. When the drum is mounted to the hub, it must be oriented with the correct hole or the scale will not be in the proper position by +1/3 of the rotation. The hub is permanently pinned to the condenser shaft. If for some reason the hub has been removed, it must be replaced in the same position or the orientation or the three holes in the drum will be 180 degrees off. This will result in an error in the position of the drum and the scale will not align properly.

The artwork for the dial scales is slightly different, and the plastic scale is slightly wider than the paper. We have accurately reproduced both of these scales. The card stock scale has a light layer of lamination for protection.

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