This gallery is composed entirely of photos taken from advertisements and service documents. Some are black and white photos, some are color photos, and a few are drawings. None of the photos or drawings are perfect, but it is hoped that they may be of some assistance if you are trying to identify a Crosley radio. Battery and ac powered broadcast receivers are represented here.

Year Model # Sales Model Name Year Model # Sales Model Name
1921 One Crystal Reciever   25AY  
1925   Super Trirdyn Special
1929 22
Console   49BZ  
  34-S Console   25AX  
  42     C33-CA  
    Chum   52TP  
    Comrade   62PB  
    Playmate   62PA  
    Administrator   52PA  
  82-S     20AP  
  32-S     23AR  
  33-S     O2CA  
1930 31 Buddy   O2CB  
  41 Buddy   O2CP  
  77-A Arbiter   82CP  
  53-E Classmate   52TG  
  77-A Director   62TD  
  53-E Mate   62TA  
1932 133 FORTYFIVE Cathedral   62TC  
1934 7H2/7H3 Seventy-Two A.F.   82CQ  
  4B1 Battery FORTY 1946 56TU-O  
  166 Travo   56TV-O  
  8H1 Eighty A.W.   56PA  
  172 FORTY-ONE De Luxe   56PB  
  5C2 Fifty-TWO   56TD Duette
1941 12     56TN  
1942 52TD     56TY  
  52TF   1948 58TH  
  52TE     58TK  
  25AW     68TA  
  21AQ     68TW  
  48CB   1949 9-101  
  CB82R     9-103  
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