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Year Model # Sales Model Name        Year Model # Sales Model Name
1950 10-127

1952 D-25WE  

10-135 Coloradio

D-25 BE  
  10-137 Coloradio

D-25 CE  

10-138 Coloradio
  D-25 GN  


  D-25 MN  
1951 11-132 Jeweler's Radio
1953 E15 (Series Picture)

D-10CE Dynamic     E15 BE  
  D-10TN Dynamic     E15 TN  
  D-10WE Dynamic
  E15 WE  
  11-100U Dynamic

E10-BE (Series Picture)

11-101U Dynamic

  11-102U Dynamic     E-90WE  

11-103U Dynamic   1954 F5 TWE Musical Chef

11-104U Dynamic
  F5 RD Graduate
  11-105U Dynamic     F25MN V.I.P.
  11-115U Serenader     F115GN Globemaster
  11-117U Serenader    

11-118U Serenader   1956 JC-6TN (Round Face)

11-119U Serenader     JC-8BN (Square Face)
  11-121U       JC-8TN (Square Face)
  11-106U Decorator     JC-8WE (Square Face)
  11-108U Decorator     JT-3BK Suffolk
  11-304 Riviera     JM-8GN Magic Mood
          JM-8BN As You Like It
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