1939 Crosley Model C648D
"Super Sextette Deluxe"

Contributed Item

The cabinet front and sides are made of fiddle-back, burl and stump walnut. The vertical grill is solid walnut and the dial frame is solid zebra wood. The Cabinet top is center matched stump walnut.

The 648 chassis is designed for operation on 100 to 125 volts, either AC or DC. The tubes used in this chassis are:

6A8G Oscillator-Modulator
6U7G I-F Amplifier
6Q7G Detector, AVC, A-F Amplifier
25A6G Output
25Z6G Rectifier
W-46773 Ballast Tube

The 648 Chassis was also used in the following three models:

C648A Brown Bakelite Cabinet
C648B Ivory Finish (painted) Cabinet
C648C Red Finish (painted) Cabinet

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