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Date Size Comments
July 15, 1928 5.87MB Picture of Babe Ruth on page 16.
November 1, 1928 5.87MB  
November 15, 1928 4.75MB  
December 1, 1928 4.25MB  
December 15, 1928 4.09MB  
February 1, 1929 4.11MB  
November 15, 1933 3.40MB Missing/need help finding pages 15 through 18.
December 15, 1933 3.38MB  
Crosley Broadcasters For Trade or Sale
This is a list of my spares.

Crosley Broadcasters Wanted
This is a list of Broadcasters that I need to complete my collection.

If you have Broadcasters on this list that you are not willing to trade or sell, I would like to borrow them just long enough to scan them. I will pay the shipping both ways. Please click on the link and read my offer.