1938 Crosley Model G-1465D

Photos by Cindy Seckinger


The original colors of this cabinet were ivory and shell. The yellow of the cabinet was originally ivory, but oxidation has changed the color to its present yellow. This cabinet was available in at least two other color combinations; mottled green and ivory, and maroon and Ivory.

To sum the color changes up, the ivory and shell is now yellow and shell, the mottled green and ivory is mottled green and yellow, and the maroon and ivory is now maroon and yellow. The only two relatively stable colors were maroon and tortoise shell. Any of these discolored catalins can be taken back to their original colors by carefully buffing them down.

This radio was manufactured by Moffats Limited, Weston, Ontario, and in the United States. The dimensions of the cabinet are 23.8cm x 14.6cm x 9.5cm. Catalin radios of this type are very rare.


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