1947 Crosley Model 86CR
Radio/Phonograph Console

The 86CR is an 8 tube, 3 band, AC powered superheterodyne, with a phonograph.

The three bands are standard American broadcast (540-1600kc), short wave (9.45 - 11.9mc), and FM (88.1 - 107.9mc).

The model "K" phonograph is used in this set.

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Dial Scale.

Photo Contributed By Jim Ligouri

The tubes used in this set are:
6AC7   1st AM Mixer - FM Mixer
7F8 1st and 2nd AM Oscillator - FM Oscillator
6SG7 2nd AM Mixer - 1st IF Amplifier FM
6SG7 IF Amplifier AM - 2nd IF Amplifier FM
6H6 FM Detector (Discriminator)
6SQ7 AM Detector AVC 1st AF Amplifier
6V6GT/G Output
5Y3GT/G Rectifier

Dial Bulb: Type 47, 6.3V, .15amp


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