7H2, 7H3 "Seventy-Two AF"

The 7H2 and 7H3 chassis's were placed in this cabinet. With each of these, the sales model name was "Seventy-Two AF." With a change of the tuning knob, the 7V2 and 815 chassis were also placed in this cabinet

The 7H2 chassis is a seven-tube short wave and broadcast chassis employing the latest (in it's day) superheterodyne circuit in which has been incorporated a high-efficiency TRF stage for both the broadcast and short wave bands. The frequency ranges covered are 535 to 1750 Kc, which is the broadcast band and lower police band, and 5700 to 15500 KC, which is the short wave band.

The major difference between the 7H2 and 7H3 chassis's was the addition of a broad A.V.C. circuit to the 7H3 chassis, and the further use of A.V.C. on the first audio amplifier in the 7H3.

If you want to get further confused, click here to see a second cabinet the 7H2 and 7H3 chassis were placed in; and there are others.

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