1936 Crosley Model 715-D
"Corsair" Tombstone

The 715-D is a three band, seven tube, AC powered superheterodyne. The cabinet front is of center matched stump walnut veneer. The top is walnut veneer, and the pilasters are fluted. The dimensions are 17" high, 13 3/4" wide and 9 1/2" deep. This set sold for $55 in 1936.

The 855-D "Merrimac" tombstone used this same cabinet. The chassis differed in that it employed eight metal tubes. It sold for $65 in 1936.

The tubes and their purpose are:
6D6 R-F Amplifier
6A7 Oscillator-Modulator
6B7 I.F. Amp and AVC
76 Detector
76 A.F. Amplifier
42 Output
80 Rectifier

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