1928/29 Crosley Model 706 "Showbox"
Photo by Nancy Sewell

The model 706 Showbox was an AC powered, single band broadcast receiver. It had a pin driven speaker, and the chassis contained eight tubes.
The tubes used in this set and their purpose are:
CX-326 First R.F.
CX-326 Second R.F.
CX-326 Third R.F.
CX-327 Detector
CX-326 First A.F.
CX-326 Second A.F.
CX-326 Second A.F.
CX-380 Rectifier

The battery powered verison of this set was the model 705 Showbox. The outter appearance of the two sets was exactly the same.

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1928-29 Crosley Radio Models Brochure (pdf)

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