Crosley 649A
1940 Crosley Model 649A

Photos Contributed by Robert Schafbuch

The 649A is a single band, AC/DC powered superheterodyne. The tuning range for this set is from 1725 to 540 Kilocycles (kHz). The model 649 chassis is the same as the model 5628 chassis, except in the design and mounting of the built-in loop antenna. The model 649 loop antenna is a spider form which mounts on the end of the chassis, while the 5628 loop antenna is mounted on the back of the receiver.

The tubes used in this set are:
6A8GT   Oscillator/Modulator
6U7G   I.F. Amplifier
6Q7G   Detecotr, AVC, A.F. Amplifier
25L6G   Output
W-46773 Ballast Tube

Chassis/Rear View

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