1937 Crosley Model 634 Tombstone

The sales model number for this set was 634, while the chassis model number was 656. Confusing .. yes, but many Crosley radios had both a sales and chassis model number. The model 656 chassis is a six tube A.C. powered superheterodyne receiver. The model 656 and 5656 are companion chassis models employing the same circuit. The 656 chassis has the speaker mounted on the chassis, and it is used in the model 634 tombstone. The model 5656 chassis is used in the model 649 console, with the speaker being mounted on the cabinet.
From the collection of Michael Feldt

The tubes used in this set and their purpose are:
6A8 Oscillator - Modulator
6k7 IF Amp
6H6 Detector and AVC
6F5 A.F. Amp
6N6 Output
5Z4MG Rectifier

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