1937 Crosley Model 666 Tombstone
Chassis Number 629
Walt Brygier Collection

The Crosley model 666 is a six tube, two band, A.C. powered superheterodyne. The 666 and 5666 are companion models employing the same circuit. The 666 employs chassis number 629, while the 5666, a console, employs the 644 chassis; the only difference was that the 629 chassis has the speaker mounted directly to the chassis, while the 644 has a speaker mounted to the cabinet.

The dual model numbers are confusing, until you understand that most Crosley radios from this era had both a sales model number and a chassis model number. Top this off with many radios also having a sales model name, and ...

The tubes used in this set are:
6A7   Oscillator/Modulator
6D6   I.F. Amplifier
76   Detector
75   A.F. Amplifier & AVC
6B5   Output
5Y3   Rectifier

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