1927 Crosley Model 6-85
Contributed by Lloyd Ericson

The 6-85 is a six tube single control radio. It could be powered by batteries, but was normally sold with an AC power supply that replaced the batteries.

Constructed:  1927, Serial #8458
Speaker:  Musicone, 9 1/2 inch diameter (approximate).
Price:  $85.00 in 1927;   $25 in early 1928 as discontinued model.
Tubes:  6 O1A tubes with removable jumpers to allow use of higher
    output tubes and higher voltages.
Dimensions:    40 inches high x 23 1/2 inches wide x 11 3/8 inches deep.
Thumbwheel tuning on upper right, left knob on front is volume, right knob
    adjusts spider web coil proximity.

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