1938 Crosley Model 587
"6V Battery Fiver" Tombstone

The model 587 is a five tube, single band superheterodyne that operates on either 6V DC or 110V AC. This set was designed to appeal to people in rural areas, beyond the reach of electrical lines. Many of these people were putting off the purchase of new battery sets because they expected the electrical lines to reach their homes in the near future. This set appealed to them because it could operate off of a single 6V battery or, with the turn of a switch, on AC.

Contributed Item
The tubes used in this set and their purpose are:
6Q7G   Detector, AVC, 1st A.F.
6A8G   Oscillator-Modulator
6U7G   I.F. Amplifier
6K6G   Output
6X5G   Rectifier

The vibrator was a w-45110.

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