1937/38 Crosley Model 567P
"Fiver" Chairside
Photo contributed by Will Whitaker

Three versions of this set were manufactured in 1937/38, the 567 M, N, and P. The 567P, pictured above, has a walnut grained finish with a black top, the 567N has a brown finish with a black top, and the 567M has a black wrinkle finish with a red bakelite top.

The 567 chassis is a five tube, AC powered, two band superheterodyne employing a five inch electro-dynamic speaker.

The tubes used in this chassis and their purpose are:
6A8G   Oscillator-Modulator
6U7G   I.F. Amplifier
6Q7G   Diode Detector & A.F. Amplifier
6K6G   Output
5Y3G   Rectifier

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