1936 Crosley Model 516 Tombstone
The model 516 is a five tube, two band, A.C. powered superheterodyne. Tuning is from approximately 540 to 1570 kilocycles in the American Broadcast Band and from 1570 to 4000 kilocycles in the Police and Amateur Band.*

The tubes used in this set and their purpose are:
6D6 Oscillator-Modulator
6D6 IF Amplifier
76 Detector
6B5 Output
80 Rectifier

The Crosley Models 516, 5516, and 6516 employ practically the same chassis -- the differences being as follows:

Model 5516 - console cabinet, 5" round dial, and speaker mounted to cabinet

Model 6516 - tabletop cabinet, 5" round dial.

*kilocycles = kHz, and the American Broadcast Band is now referred to as AM (amplitude modulation).
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