1937 Crosley Model 3716
"WLW" Console

The Crosley model 3716 "Deluxe WLW" is the highest tube count Crosley broadcast receiver ever produced.

It employs 37 tubes which are contained on four different chassis. 35 of the 37 tubes are metal; the only nonmetal tubes being one for the tuning light and the auto-expressinator circuit. Six speakers are used, with one being 18 inches in diameter. The dial is 12 inches in diameter. This set weighs 475 pounds.

Its coverage is from 540 to 18,300 kilocycles (Hz), divided into three bands.

Please contact me if you have service information, advertising, pictures or other information about this set that you would be willing to share or sell. I would also appreciate you're letting me know if you know where one of these sets is located, especially if it is for sale. Thanks.

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