1929/30 Crosley Model 31S "Buddy"
Photo Contributed by Dave Carver

This radio is a seven tube, single band, AC powered neutrodyne receiver. It could be used as either a table model, or as a consolette with the optional purchase of legs. The speaker could be mounted below if the set was equipped with legs, or on top if used as a table model. The same seven tube chassis used in the model 31S was also used in the 30S, 33S, and 34S; the cabinet being the only difference. The mode 21 chassis, a 6 tube battery powered chassis, was also housed in this cabinet.

The model 31 originally sold for $55.00, without tubes, speaker or legs. The legs were a $5.00 option. The speakers to select from were the Dynacoil, $31.00, and the Dynacone, $18.00; both speakers were housed in the cabinet (pictured above).

This set is very similar to, but is not the same as the Crosley model 41S "Buddy." The center knob on the Buddy is higher than the two smaller knobs.

1930 Brochure (pdf)
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Buddy and Chum Ad

Dynacone and Dynacoil Speakers

Dynacone, Dynacoil and Chassis Speakers Dealer Sheet

Round, Bottom-Mount Dynacone Speaker

Leg Tip

30S, 31S "Buddy," 33S, 34S Operating Instructions (pdf)

41-S Dealer Data Sheet

40S, 41S "Buddy," 42S, 82S Operating Instructions (pdf)

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