1933/34 Crosley Model 171
"Dual Twelve" Lowboy


The model 171 chassis is a twelve tube dual band superheterodyne with an intermediate frequency of 181.5 Kc. At the time of it's manufacture, it was the largest tube count console Crosley had produced for public sale. The Dual Fourteen would come later, as would a number of other consoles with even larger tube counts, culminating with 37 tubes in the WLW radio in 1936/37 (chassis model 3716).

The 171 chassis was also placed in a cathedral cabinet, which was the highest tube count cathedral Crosley ever manufactured.

The only other twelve tube cathedral that I know of that Crosley manufactured was the "Twelve," chassis model 160. The 160 chassis has the same intermediate frequency as the 171 chassis (181.5 Kc), but only a single band (the broadcast band).

I have both the 171 and 160 cathedrals, and believe these were the largest tube count cathedrals Crosley produced for public sale. If I am wrong, please let me know, but at the same time provide something to support your contention; service documents, ad, etc. . Thanks in advance.



Tubes used in the model 171 chassis are:

58 - R. F. Amplifier
56 - Oscillator
58 - Modulator
58 - I. F. Amplifier
2B7 - A.V.C. Tube
56 - Q.A.V.C. Tube
58 - Detector
56 - Phase Shifter
58 - A. F. Amplifier
2A5 - Output (two)
80 - Rectifier

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