1932/33 Crosley Model 130-I

Contributed Item


The 130-I is a ten tube AC powered superheterodyne containing both broadcast and shortwave bands. The cabinet is a distinctive chest type with a front panel of stump walnut and a top panel of walnut veneer, all with a hand-rubbed finish. This set is one of the three chest type radios from the "Election" series that contained two speakers, the other two being the Alderman and Congressman.

The tubes contained in this set are:

56 - Oscillator
58 - 1st detector
58 - 1st IF Amplifier
58 - 2nd IF Amplifier
56 - Diode Detector
56 - Push-Pull A.F. Amplifier
56 - Push-Pull A.F. Amplifier
42 - Output
42 - Output
80 - Rectifier

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