1932 Crosley Model 127
"Tenstrike" Tombstone
The model 127 is a high performance ten tube A.C. powered superhererodyne.

The tubes used in this set and their purpose are:
35 RF Amplifier
27 Oscillator
35 First Detector
27 Second Detector
35 IF Amplifier
24 IF Amplifier
27 First AF Amp
47 Second AF Amp (push-pull)
47 Second AF Amp (push-pull)
80 Rectifier
Model 127 tidbits:

The model 301 speaker is used in this set; the dc resistance of the field coil is 2800 Ohms.

Early versions of the 127 used a 24 as the first detector.

The knobs on this set are the correct knobs.

The model 127-1 is a 127 chassis that has been modified so that it operates dual speakers.

127 Tombstone Rear View

Tenstrike Handout

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