1937 Crosley Model 1199/1126 Console

This picture shows a second style cabinet containing the 1126 chassis, with a sales model number of 1199.

In a slight way, it resembles a zenith Stratosphere, only not nearly so ornate.

I have not been able to locate any Crosley radio advertising or service information showing this style cabinet. If anyone out there has a piece of advertising showing this cabinet, I would appreciate a scan of it. Thanks in advance.

BR, Jim

Photo Contributed By Mike Simpson

This set was one of the many mid thirties sets that had both a chassis model name and a sales model name. "1126" is the chassis model name, while "1199" is the sales model name.

The tubes used in this set are:
6K7   RF Amplifier
6A8   Oscillator-Modulator
6J7   AFC Control
6K7   IF Amplifier
6H6   AFC Diode
6R7   AF Amplifier
6N6   (2) Output
5Z4   Rectifier
W42419A   Neon Tuning Tube
W41187   Auto-Expressionator tube


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