1937 Crosley Model 1199/1126 Console
The 1199 is an 11 tube, AC powered, 3 Band superheterodyne. It features High Fidelity, Volume Expansion which is accomplished by the Auto-Expressionator tube and Automatic Frequency Control which is known as the "Mystic hand."
Photo Contributed By Matt Kroll

This set was one of the many mid thirties sets that had both a chassis model name and a sales model name. "1126" is the chassis model number, while "1199" is the sales model number.

The tubes used in this set are:
6K7   RF Amplifier
6A8   Oscillator-Modulator
6J7   AFC Control
6K7   IF Amplifier
6H6   AFC Diode
6R7   AF Amplifier
6N6   (2) Output
5Z4   Rectifier
W42419A   Neon Tuning Tube
W41187   Auto-Expressionator tube


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