1937 Crosley "Super Eleven"
Console with Model 1117 Chassis
The chassis model 1117 is an eleven tube AC powered three band superheterodyne receiver. The three bands and the range they cover are:

540 - 1850 Kilocycles (Hz) American Broadcast Band
1.9 - 6.6 Megacycles Police and Amateur Band
6.4 - 22 Megacycles High Frequency or Foreign Band
Contributed Item

The tubes used in this set and their purpose are:
6K6G Oscillator
6A8G Modulator
6U7G 1st I.F. Amplifier
6U7G 2nd I.F. Amplifier
6C5G Diode Detector
6C5G AVC Diode
6K5G 1st A.F. Amplifier
6K6G Output
6K6G Output
5Y3G Rectifier
6G5 Tuning Indicator

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