1939 Crosley Model 1018M Console


The 1018M is a ten tube, AC powered superheterodyne receiver featuring Push Button Tuning, temperature compensated B-C oscillator (to prevent station drift), push-pull output, and most circuit improvements offered as of the fall of 1938.

This set was first offered in the fall of 1938, as a 1939 model.

Photo contributed by Bob Garrard

The tubes used in the 1018 chassis are:

6K6G Oscillator
6A8G Modulator
6U7G 1st I-F Amplifier
6U7G 2nd I-F Amplifier
6C5G Diode Detector
6C5G AVC Diode
6K5G 1st A-F Amplifier
6K6G Output
6K6G Output
5Y3G Rectifier

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