1935 Crosley Model 1014
"Centurion" Console

The Crosley model 1014 is a ten tube, five-band A.C. powered superheterodyne receiver.

In 1935 this set sold for $100.00.

The same chassis was also used in a shouldered tombstone style cabinet.

Photo Contributed By Curt Lisius

The type and purpose of tubes used in this set are:
6D6  R-F Amplifier
6A7  Oscillator-Modulator
6D6  1st. I.F. Amp
6F7  2nd. I.F. and Detector
76    AVC
6D6 1st. A.F. Amplifier
76    Phase Inv.
42   Output (2)
80   Rectifier
1014 Knobs

1014 Brochure

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